Templo Victoria

Pastor Adam Najar - Pastor

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Pastor J. Adam Najar was born in the small town of Ontario, Oregon in 1982.At the age of three, his family moved to Cathedral City, California, where his father began serving as Senior Pastor at Templo Victoria Christian Worship Center. Since a young age, Adam began his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The grace and favor of God has always been upon his life, however, as Adam began to grow older, to his dismay, he began to neglect his relationship with Christ.

For a few years, Adam found himself living a lifestyle that was not honoring to the Lord. To this day, he regrets those years of rebellion against the Lord. However, the Lord was faithful, and in the year 2003, Adam rededicated his life to the Lord and surrendered everything to Christ. Shortly after this, the Lord began to call Adam to the ministry - without reserve, Adam heeded the calling. For the next few years, Adam dedicated his time preparing for ministry at Calvary Chapel Bible College, God used this time of preparation to greatly impact Adam's life and prepare him for what lied ahead.

After his graduation, in 2006, Adam returned to Templo Victoria Christian Worship Center and has been serving alongside his father ever since. Adam's greatest passion is to bring people into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through the study of God's Word. One day, by the grace of God, he hopes to hear these words from his Savior, "Well done, good and faithful servant" - to hear these words is Adam's greatest desire...